I seem to remember something like this in the news a while back but it sounds like there’s another case.  This issue seems to strike imagewomen and would be a major inconvenience if a man developed it or maybe one has?  Too much of anything is not a good thing and specialists are on the case with no answers so far.  100  orgasms a day is quite a number and as she is quoted saying, “its exhausting”.  The woman took a tumble down some stairs and that coupled with a cyst on her spine seems to be the area of focus as far as the cause.  She said bumpy train rides for her are no fun.  BD

A New Jersey woman says she is in constant pain due to a rare medical condition that causes her to have as many as one hundred orgasms per day.

44-year-old Kim Ramsey, a nurse from Hertfordshire, England, who now resides in Montclair, was diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder — an incurable disease that results in prolonged periods of genital arousal unrelated to sexual desire.

"Other women wonder how to have an orgasm," she is quoted as saying. "I wonder how to stop mine."

Specialists are at a loss on how to help, but Ramsey hopes a Persistent genital arousal disorder expert in London can finally find a solution to her problem. "Both women and men just don't seem to get it," she said. "They seem to think it's a great thing and, believe me, it's really not.



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