The medical records system used at Walgreens retailimage clinics is provided by Greenway Medical and now in addition to the clinics access will be available in all retail stores and I’m guessing this is for the benefit of the pharmacists to consult with consumers.  Walgreens is going the mile here to connect all the data they can in various areas.  From a couple months ago you can see where you can get text messages as to what may be on sale outside of the pharmacy area when you enter a store.

Walgreens Using Social Networks to Send Ads To Mobile Phones for Promotional Sale Items When You Check In at the Store –Will Sperm Check Make the List?

If you have also watched the news of late then you may remember the purchase of Boots pharmacies in the UK with an option for full ownership in 3 years and Walgreens also owns  USA Drug, Super D Drug and May’s Drug through another purchase after the Boots deal.  It’s a good thing I guess that Walgreens and Express Scripts also finally made up along the line. 

Walgreens is Making Another Purchase From LaFrance Holdings To Include USA Drug, Super D Drug and May’s Drug Stores Located in the US Southeast

I am guessing this will work with with the incentives for pharmacists who in some areas can earn pay for performance with United Healthcare when signing up consumers for the YMCA and other programs as the pharmacist will be able to see even more information, again I am assuming that this is where the reasoning for the expansion lies. So along with additional information the pharmacist would appear to have additional access and maybe the P4P from United would kick in?   The EHR system is called Well Health.

UnitedHealthCare To Use Data Mining Algorithms On Claim Data To Look For Those At “Risk” of Developing Diabetes – Walgreens and the YMCA Benefit With Pay for Performance Dollars to Promote and Supply The Tools

United Healthcare Expanding Diabetes Prevention & Predictive Algorithm Program With Walgreens And Pay for Performance Incentives In Atlanta

For my own personal view in watching the data and merging of all the big healthcare concerns for right now I think I’ll stay clear of Walgreens when I can as again I like privacy and would prefer my medical records to be discussed with my doctor.  Granted a pharmacist can be a great ally and have a lot of information to offer but again, I don’t want this right now, and that is again my personal choice and it kind of bugs me with all the pay for performance issues here to be in the potential position of beingimage “hawked” for all these services as they seem to have more value to me when I make my own choices and I’m not having a pharmacists pushing it on me.  Been there and done that with refills at Walgreens and the auto refills and frankly in addition to filling my prescription from the other side of the coin, how much more are you going to throw at the pharmacist too I ask?  If all of this is too much to absorb, good news here is that more Walgreens stores are selling spirits too, so grab a bottle on your way with with your prescription <grin>.  So far Walgreens doesn’t scan alcohol like Target does I think, more data for sale with that effort. 

Walgreens Applying For and Getting Liquor Licenses Across the US – Be Healthy and Get Your Alcohol Here Too

This might be some nice extra Health IT revenue for Greenway though since they held their big IPO in February and need to show stockholders some progress and sales material?

Greenway Medical Records IPO–Videos and Pictures at NYSE Getting Old as Hospitals and Doctors Struggle for Income And Close

You know what I would rather have my PHR with me as you can put your medications in there and share with a pharmacists too and this way if I decide to share, they have more than just the Walgreens records.  So for me, not big news and I wonder if this is really necessary.  We all know that Walgreens makes millions selling prescription and other data too and in 2010 they made just short of $800 million so I wonder if they hit billion dollar mark in 2011?  If you read here often enough you know what I say about the data sellers, banks, businesses, and so forth…excise tax them as they get their data for nothing and profits for free.  That was Chapter 17 of the Attack of the Killer Algorithm series and there’s a few more posts around her on this topic.  So again, what’s the competitor here CVS going to do with Allscripts?  I guess we wait and see.  BD

Start Licensing and Taxing the Data Sellers of the Internet Making Billions of Profit Dollars Mining “Free Taxpayer Data”–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 17 - “Occupy Algorithms”– Help Stop Inequality in the US

Walgreens will implement a customized electronic health record system from Greenway Medical Technologies in its nearly 8,000 pharmacies to better track all health services provided in the facilities. 

The EHR is called WellHealth and Walgreens already uses the vendor’s PrimeSuite EHR in its Take Care convenient care clinics in more than 700 pharmacies.

Now, WellHealth will coordinate other care in the pharmacies, as well as Take Care services, including medication records, immunizations and health tests, regardless of the Walgreens location where services were rendered.


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