Ok it’s time for another rant on the lack of role models with consumer Health IT and the video is great, hasn’t had many views yet but I’m sure it will as it was just posted recently.  I see the contests and competition for videos for consumers that are using Health IT and for sure I’m an advocate here as I would not have a section on this blog for PHRs with over 400 posts that go back to when they were created. 

My issue here is that we don’t really have so called “experts” anymore out there but there’s a lot of smart people that know a lot more than me but the paradigm of “experts” is slowly going away as is our addiction for them, because they are not there when it comes to complexities and predicting the future and they are not failures but are rather in the same boat we are all in. 

Relying on Experts When They May Not Exist–Many Intelligent and Smart People But Do We Have Misconceived Paradigms-TED

I’m tired of “it’s for those guys over there” information all over the web as if it’s for those guys, what’s wrong with “these” guys over here being role models?  Stop with the expert paradigm and become one of us:)  If you do that then a lot of “us” may have more incentives to jump in here and use some of these tools.  The problem too is that we have software written just to sell more software as that’s how it works and how in the heck does the public know the difference?

ONC Working On Another Consumer Health IT Awareness Program–Magpie Healthcare Again With No Role Models in Sight?

Well, again if we have some government executives as role models, there’s a bit of confidence that may just roll down and prove that Health IT for consumers is a good thing.  Shoot I can’t even so much as find a picture with Sebelius with so much as a cell phone in hand and I’m sure she uses one.  I asked last year if the Surgeon General uses her own PHR?  Nobody said a word, so is this a good thing?  Of course I know PHRs are a good thing but you need a bigger crowd here than this little blog. 

Surgeon General Announces Yet Another App Contest Maybe to Promote Their PHR “My Family Health Portrait”? Does She Use The PHR Personally?

Come on folks share a little bit of value that you have found and you might gain a little trust with more consumers and have a bigger influence, you think?  This should not be “magpie healthcare” and heck with social networking as big as it is, don’t you think it might be time to crawl out of the shells and share a little value.  Consumers on the web are, so get in there as the ONC spent enough time to put the work into all of videos and information on the site so be better PR and role models.  I see others give examples like Dr. Halamka up at Harvard so what’ up with this not catching on here?  Here’s the nice video that is worth watching by all means, we just need those magpies to come out of the PHR closet:)  BD 



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