You can watch the video and there’s no sound but it looks pretty brutal with the two officers actions.  She was in a parking lot and imagewas pulled over for talking on her cell phone and this all takes place in a parking lot.  You can see her being handcuffed but when the one officer takes her over and slams her to the ground, yikes.  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  The attorneys representing her state the video tells all and just watching it kind of gives you that impression.  We need nurses so don’t beat them up.  Perhaps she was not happy about being pulled over but there’s nothing that justifies this with being over powered and slammed to the ground.  There’s also a mention in the video of a “high five” fist meeting of the two officers and you can see that in the video.  BD 

Two LAPD police officers are under investigation after they were caught on camera repeatedly body-slamming a woman during a routine traffic stop in Tujunga last Tuesday. Surveillance footage of the incident, first obtained by NBC LA, shows that after the officers pushed her into a cop car and then exchanged what seems to be a congratulatory fist bump.

The woman is Michelle Jordan, a 34-year-old mother and registered nurse from Sunland, Calif. She stepped forward Tuesday to speak out about her experience, and has filed a personal complaint against the officers, reports KTLA.


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