First off you have to kind of like this name as it’s not your typical name for a device company and actually it’s one you can somewhat imageremember as it stands out.  TENS units have been out for a number of years and I remember using one years back and they keep getting better.  The Wi-Touch devices that focus on back pain are exactly that, an improvement.  It has a wireless device to control the unit and it is small enough to wear under clothing.  The battery life is not bad either with 150 30 minute treatments before it needs a re-charge.  It also states that the coverage area is much larger and just looking at the images you do notice that and it has replaceable gel pads. 

The Wi-Touch will be available over the counter for a cost of $150.00 and the Pro version will need a prescription.  The company does manufacture and create standard TENS products as well.  Both the Pro and OTC versions of the product are wireless and it appears the Pro version has a bit higher output than the one over the counter.  This sure look like a treatment that can help to avoid taking a lot of pain medications for patients if their body reacts positively to the treatment.  I would guess that anyone who uses a TENS technology product would be a good candidate for this product.  Right now the company only has 7 employees and they plan to release additional products in the future geared towards pain management.  BD

Hollywog, a seven-person medical equipment startup on Amnicolaimage Highway, starts domestic distribution of its one-of-a-kind back pain relief product next week and will begin worldwide distribution in the next two months.

Government regulators approved the WiTouch and the WiTouch Pro earlier this week, and the devices soon will appear at chiropractor and physical therapy offices and independent drugstores.

The basic WiTouch, usable only on the lower back, will be available over the counter for less than $150. The WiTouch Pro is for use on the lower and upper back and will be covered by some insurance plans, but will require a prescription.  "For a small startup, we have probably the most experienced staff globally for product development and marketing," Thomas said. "I was real fortunate to be able to have them come work directly for Hollywog."


  1. I would love to try this one though I don't have a back pain now. It was cured last year by chiropractic treatment.


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