The last time I blogged about both of these hospital system in the same post they were laying people off, and no doubt by pooling efforts here the two systems can work together with the complexities of good patient care today. 

Hoag Hospital Lays Off 175 Staff Members- St. Joseph Cutting 144–Layoffs Occurring Even Within the Affluent Areas of Country–All Comes Back to Reimbursement

The expanded physician network somehow leads me to think that more heads are better than one as the OC today with the purchase of Monarch Healthcare by United Healthcare has shaken things up quite a bit, to the point of a Blue Shield lawsuit.  I have heard quite a few comments on that issue. 


United Healthcare To Buy Huge Chunk of Orange County, California Managed Care Business with the Purchase of Monarch Healthcare–Subsidiary Watch

On the technology side they both have different systems in place for patient data and medical records with Hoag using Aetna owned Medicity and St. Josephs uses Amalga from Microsoft, which they no longer market in the US.  Johns Hopkins also uses the Amalga system.  Both systems connect to ambulatory medical record systems like Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and more.  Both hospital groups use a lot of the latest technologies to include RFIDs in the ER and in other places within the hospitals. 

This is smart move as both are non-profits and anything they can do to make it easier for the patients and doctors is a good thing.  BD

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. & ORANGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--St. Joseph Health and Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian announced plans for a new regional health care affiliation which will take bold, innovative measures to transform health care delivery, ultimately becoming a model for addressing some of the biggest challenges in American health care.

The organizations intend to form an integrated regionalimage health system including their respective Southern California hospitals, an expansive physician network, and numerous outpatient and urgent care facilities in Orange County and the High Desert. Their shared vision includes taking action to fix fragmented systems of care, greatly improve access for the underserved, and deliver on the goal of making the region among the healthiest in the country.

In planning to work together, St. Joseph Health and Hoag recognized many similarities. They are both non-profit, faith-based health care organizations, committed to providing the highest quality, affordable, and accessible health care services in the community. Both institutions achieve this through thoughtful planning of their networks of services, fostering an environment of “best practice” health care, and reaching out to vulnerable populations through extensive community benefit programs.


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