A couple of months ago the recall was issued and a group


of consumers now states that the kit issued to fix the problem is not sufficient and requires a professional plumber to make the repair.  There are over 2 million of the internal devices sold in the US and it goes back to 1997 when the company began manufacturing the high pressure flushers.  These are the units that are inside and thus so there are several manufacturers of the finished product who used them.

Recalls Have Gone to the Toilet, Really As Flushmate Recalls Exploding Toilets

The timing here is interesting too as the Gates Foundation has been sponsoring a world event to reinvent the toilet.  The California Institute of Technology received $100,000 for their work on a solar powered toilet that recycles water and takes our poop and turns it into storable energy.  The Gates Foundation has announced $3.4 million in new funding to fix this situation and so who knows where the high powered flushers will end up or if they may be part of this. 

Here’s an interesting short video from India, where they currently have a “toilet museum” showing current types of toilets used all over the world.  When you look at them, it is time for a fix.

The Gates Foundation on Reinventing the Toilet-Let’s Get Our “Crap” Together and Do It (Video)

In the meantime you can check your high powered toilet to see if it is one in the recall, and too bad there’s not a bar code on them to make checking with a cell phone a lot easier too.  I have been campaigning for drug and device recalls with bar codes for a long time here at the Quack.   BD

The United States is recalling millions of faulty flushing mechanisms

that have caused toilets to explode, creating “laceration risks” for toilet users.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the warning about the Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System, which was sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores and to toilet manufacturers American Standard, Crane, Kohler, Eljer, Mansfield, St. Thomas and Gerber.

Anyone who owns a toilet with the recalled system should shut off the water connection to the toilet and contact Flushmate at (800) 303-5123 to request a free repair kit, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a recall notice.



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