As the story evolves here the Anaheim police department has also sharedimage the fact that the same woman was reported earlier this year at another hospital in scrubs and entered the room of a patient at Western Medical Center, same thing carrying a tote bag.  It sounds like the first attempt was thwarted when the mother reported it to the hospital so she gave up and appears to have tried another hospital in Garden Grove later. 

One thing though this certainly speaks highly for technology as the alarm went off when she attempted to take the baby from the Garden Grove hospital, so RFID systems and other security efforts in hospitals are certainly a winner in this area.  BD

Ramirez is accused of entering the hospital room of Jane Doe #5, a mother with a newborn baby girl, and distracting the mother by asking her to take a shower in preparation for moving hospital rooms. While the mother was distracted, Ramirez is accused of placing 1-day-old Baby Doe in her tote bag. She is accused of then leaving the room and attempting to flee from the hospital.

The defendant is accused of being contacted by hospital staff while still inside attempting to leave the hospital after an alarm on the baby’s identification tag alerted hospital staff that Baby Doe was being moved.

The defendant was arrested at the scene by the Garden Grove Police Department (GGPD), who investigated this case.

In the course of the investigation, it was determined that the Anaheim Police Department (APD) was investigating a similar case at Western Medical Center (WMC) in Anaheim.

On July 26, 2012, Ramirez is accused of entering WMC dressed in medical scrubs and carrying a tote bag with the intention of kidnapping a newborn baby girl. She is accused of entering at least one hospital room and asking a new mother questions about her baby including the sex and date of birth. The new mother reported the suspicious contact to the hospital and APD.


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