As if things are not tough enough?  It’s different when collection efforts are taken before this stage and there are some that don’t have any othimageer income and they may not eat when checks are docked.  Who is not writing off bad debt today.  Again if you watch the video there are different scenarios and some are very recent as well.  Is anyone going to want to look at a student loan in the future when they can’t find jobs where they can pay back and use the education?  Here’s yet another great Killer Algorithm story to where the man can starve and no ethics are considered…Algorithms says…and naïve dummies eat every bit of it up. 

New York Subway Worker, Dubbed as a Hero Has Pension Reduced to $5.00 a Month–Retirement System Error–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 35

Meanwhile back on Wall Street such large amounts of money vanish with an algorithm…Inequality continues to grow due to government departments who are so far behind and we have folks at the top who are not educated in computer science…folks like Shapiro will sink us very soon as the math runs a whole lot faster and moves money everywhere than what she can even think about while brushing her teeth.  Nothing person but lawyers are no longer the best choice to run executive departments of the government, they lack the needed talent. 

High Frequency Trading Algorithm Behavior And How the Machines Even Read the News and Trade Stocks Before Humans Can Blink an Eye Today–Remember Health Insurance Is Traded in this Market

Algorithms rearranged the money in the US and new algorithms are needed to move it again as so many got rich off running code and doing nothing. Time to devaluate some of those algorithms and soon…BD

“Devaluate the Algorithm” And “Tax the Data Sellers”–A Cure for Both Healthcare and an Economy Based Heavily on Intangibles–We’ve Lost Our Balance!FA59654A-68CA-44F0-B00D-655C439D96BF


  1. You who are being interviewed do not seem to have researched things such as "when laws were passed to allow money to be taken from ss benefits", and "how many of these defaulted student loans are that way (at least one is my own) because of identity theft and fraudulantly obtained student loans that NEVER have cooperation of the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION when this comes up as a claim of innocense". now add that to your statistics and see how it goes.


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