The official opening of the new facility is less than a couple months away.  The old facility will be retrofitted for earthquakes and will be used for other medical purposes so it’s not imagegoing anywhere.  It was back in 2007 that the planning for this new facility began.  This is not the only new facility opened this year as in March they opened a new center in Maryland.  What else is kind of neat too is the use of Bloom Box Fuel Cells in California.  You can read more about how they are using them at this backlink.  In Irvine, California a few years ago when Kaiser opened their facility there off the 405 freeway, it literally put a Tenet hospital out of business who then sold the facility to Hoag who refurbished the building and opened it as an extension of the services in Newport Beach.

Kaiser Permanente Opens New Medical Center in Gaithersburg, MD With Dual Monitors So Patient Views Same Chart Information as Physicians in Real Time

Not too far from where our laws are created they also opened a facility in DC that also incorporates a “learning center” as well, and I wonder if any of our lawmakers have ever paid a visit there:)

Kaiser Permanente Opens State of the Art Facility in Washington DC-Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center


Of course we can’t mention Kaiser Permanente without giving full credit to their success with personal health records for patients as they were out there with a plan and there were a lot of skeptics when it was announced but it is working well and both patients and doctors are happy with it.  A couple years ago I interviewed one of their pediatricians about how a PHR helps her do her job better and stay on top of patient charts and needs. 

Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician Patricia Richards Explains How The Use of Electronic Medical Records Enhances Knowledge With Obesity and Adds Focus to the “Let’s Move” Obesity Prevention Campaign

The one though that I think has the most challenging, fund and gratifying job though is Chris McCarthy at their Innovation Center in northern California as that department works with simulation, discussions, role playing and more with actual doctors and nurses for their input to build solutions and even the NHS has modeled some of the methodologies for their use.

Innovation and Learning at Kaiser Permanente – Interview With Chris McCarthy

The Orange County Register has a collection of photos of the new facility here.  BD   

Kaiser Permanente, the county's largest HMO, is preparing to open a imagesecond new hospital, a replacement for its 38-year-old facility in Anaheim.

The 262-bed, $425 million hospital opens Sept. 12 with the same design as the Kaiser hospital built in Irvine in 2007. Patients will be transferred two miles from Kaiser's Lakeview Avenue hospital to the new site on La Palma Avenue.

As at other recent hospital construction projects, the lobby feels more like the entrance to a hotel than an institutional medical center. An Orange County artist created a playful flower and butterfly mosaic for the waiting room wall. Classical music emanates from a player piano near an enormous window.

Inside an operating room, Dr. Joshua Cain, an anesthesiologist, demonstrated how patients' X-rays, medical records and consent forms can be projected on images around the room.  Cain said the old hospital building will undergo seismic retrofitting and then can be put to other medical uses. The existing medical office buildings at the Lakeview campus will remain in use.


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