imageI want to hear the updates on this one as how does this happen?  It’s not like a kidney is mistaken for some other body part.  The kidney was from a “living'” donor too and the surgeon had just removed it to be transplanted in the donor’s sister.  What does happen next for the sister as now we have one person minus a kidney and a patient that still needs a transplant.  I would hate to be the nurse in error here,  and how did the kidney get left unattended? 

They tried to revive the kidney after taking it out of the garbage but to no avail as it could not be used.  This is a sad story and the hospital has suspended transplants for the time being.  Was it a clean up crew that came in?  I guess we will hear more about this as they focus to find out how it occurred and come up with a system on avoiding this type of situation again.  BD

A kidney removed from a Toledo man at the University of Toledo Medical Center that was supposed to be transplanted into his older sister was instead thrown away with medical waste by a nurse -- a rare accident that medical experts said is probably a one-of-a-kind incident in the United States.

Hospital officials on Wednesday talked about the Aug. 10 incident that rendered the donated kidney ruined, but they refused for a second day to confirm multiple reports about how the removed organ was damaged beyond repair.

Toledo-Lucas County health commissioner David Grossman, whose office is not involved in the investigation, confirmed along with other sources that the kidney was accidentally disposed of by a nurse.

Sources with knowledge of the botched surgery said the kidney was removed by a surgeon and then inadvertently thrown away by a nurse. It took about an hour or more to find the discarded kidney, which was among medical waste.

Dr. William Harmon, director of kidney transplantation at Boston Children's Hospital, said kidneys have been removed in the past elsewhere in the nation and have been unusable for various reasons, but the kind of accident that happened at UTMC is unheard of in organ transplant centers.


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