Life Technologies keeps things rolling literally with their bus to promote the Ion Torrent desktop sequencing machine.  imageThe sequencing business is getting a lot of attention and we are also seeing some stiff competition and a couple months ago Life purchased Navigenics.  Back when this first started Helicos was a hot company and now it looks like they are shrinking down to a very small size.  Here’s a couple back links that will tell you what the Torrent machine is all about.  It travels around to perform training classes on how to use the machine and said it will be seen in the future at conferences.  BD

Life Technologies Debuts Ion Torrent Machine-Cheap Genes at $500 for Single Sequence

Ion Torrent’s DNA Desktop Machine Walk Through- How Semi Conductor Sequencing Works (Video)

The Ion Bus is a vintage 1976 model year bus converted into a mobile sequencing lab. Would you like to learn more about the scalability, simplicity, and speed of Ion Torrent sequencing? Have an idea for an interesting experiment to run on the bus? Send a note to with your sequencing experiment ideas or requesting the bus to stop at your laboratory. Follow the bus as it travels North America at


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