First off with doctors the threat of malpractice for doctors is huge and the premiums keep going up.  Some states have laws that limit the deep pockets but other states do not.  Actually in some states doctors and hospitals go without it and hospitals set aside cash reserves but are they enough?  Doctors end up filing bankruptcy if the judgment is too high so how stressful is this..very.   There’s a good documentary that goes right along with the topic here called “The Vanishing Oath” and my hospitals use it to show medical students what they are in for in the long haul with being doctor today.  Watch the trailer at the link below and catch the second link to hear a doctor talk about being sued. 

“The Vanishing Oath” – Documentary About the Diminishing Doctor-Patient Relationships When the Environment Does Not Allow Doctors To Care - Exhaustion As Well As Struggles to Take Care of Themselves Sets In

“The Vanishing Oath” Documentary – One MD Talks About the Process of Being Sued - The Diminishing Doctor-Patient Relationship

Anger management for the medical profession is growing as there long hours and most of the patients they are taking care of are ill so there’s extra touch of patience needed.  Interesting the article says that this particular company has a contract with Kaiser to help doctors and they are one of the better environments out there so now add on the rest. 

Counseling sessions are done and the story of one surgeon throwing a scalpel seemed to be one of the most outrageous events the counselor, George Anderson dealt with.  You know what though there’s a new institute to help investigate and work on “humanizing” healthcare too, so clearly there’s a ton of the working environment that contributes here. 

The Institute for Research on “Humanism in Medicine” Created by The Gold Foundation–To Better Define the Role of Compassion, Altruism, and Respect To Support the Importance of the Doctor/Patient Relationship

Also worth noting here is that you do have to give FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg credit too as she promotes the same thing with compassion and care in taking care of patients.  If you are in the Los Angeles area here’s the place for Anger Management.  BD 

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Delivers Commencement Address at Albert Einstein College of Medicine–Video


George Anderson positioned himself on a stool across the operating table so he could get a good angle on the surgeon’s face. He watched for signs of irritation as the doctor, known for temper tantrums, sewed a valve into a patient’s heart. Then the surgeon’s phone buzzed.

The hospital earlier had called in Anderson, an anger management therapist, to help one of their top doctors -- now cursing into his headset -- control his bad temper. After the operation, the surgeon removed his latex gloves, threw them on the floor and left the operating room in silence.

“Everyone in the room was stunned,” says Anderson, 73.

Anderson was among the first of his peers to capitalize on the boom of rageaholic caregivers. It began in earnest in 2009 when the Joint Commission, an independent body that is the largest accreditor of medical programs, mandated that hospitals deal with “disruptive” docs.


  1. It seems like with the stress from day to day life more people are suffering from rage issue.


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