Melinda and Bill Gates talk about their mission and accomplishments imageso far with their investments and trips around the world.  Very early on the Foundation gave a grant to the X Prize company to help organize a program for breakthroughs with TB diagnostics.  We are seeing more and more of the Gates in the news and now both are taking time to speak more with the press.  In addition to vaccines and contraception, toilets have entered into their realm. 

The Gates Foundation on Reinventing the Toilet-Let’s Get Our “Crap” Together and Do It (Video)

Also Melinda does her thing with Stephen Colbert on the Steven and Melinda Foundation which is a little different from his normal show but there’s humor and good points are made. 

Melinda Gates Talks About Family Planning– Steven & Melinda Foundation” Returns (Video)

in this video they talk about partnering with private enterprise for solutions as well as their grants for governments.  It’s a balance.  The link below I posted today talks about their investments with companies that simulate drug effects and you can see the Gates have been active in this area for quite a while.  Melinda addresses contraception in a very good way when it comes to interacting with religion in the fact that both can live together.  Women are dying over childbirth when they don’t have access to care.  Bill talks vaccines and Melinda talks contraception and where “husbands” are getting educated with contraception too.

AIDS Experts at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Develop the First Accurate Computer Simulation to Explain Drug Effects and Viral Mutations With HIV

In the US, education is a big focus and Melinda talks about how hard “change” is with schools in the US but they are plodding ahead and expect criticism and that how it can help in many ways too.  The Gates also spend time reaching out to other philanthropists to bring their message forward.  This is a very good interview.  BD 

The foundation concentrates its efforts in health, education and agriculture in both the developing and the developed world. Inevitably it draws criticism because of what it does and how it does it - yet each year it spends billions of dollars trying to live up to its mission to help all people lead healthy and productive lives.

Melinda Gates says that despite criticisms from the church, she still feels obligated to bring safe contraceptives to the developing world:" We shouldn't shy away, as a world, from doing things because we have made them difficult.

Yes, contraceptives have had some sticky times in the past - absolutely - some not great things happened in Peru, our own country and in India and other places. But it means that we stepped back from it as a world and yet we are letting women die because they can't space their children."

On Talk to Al Jazeera, Bill and Melinda Gates respond to criticism and explain how they are trying to help people around the world.


  1. It's so great to know that people of such high influence are doing what they can to help those less fortunate. Thanks for sharing!


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