This was in the news today about InterSystems who has had a big interest in healthcare and has software for the financial business as well. image You can read the entire article at the link but I thought this was interesting to see some of the history on how the highly successful VA system came about.  The company is in the data base business and functions quite well outside the US with many clients.  In addition the CEO/founder Phillip Ragon also has a foundation to where they made a $100 million dollar contribution to Massachusetts General Hospital and you can read about their research work relative to the HIV virus below. 

Random Matrix Math (As Used in Stock Analysis Processes) Theory Finding Hidden Information in Large Data Sets With the Study of HIV

The organization, like the Gates Foundation is committed to finding a vaccine for AIDS/HIV.  With the VA medical records system they integrated 130 platforms, and boy would that be a headache by today’s standards due to the complexities that exist today.  Mr. Ragon has a physics degree from MIT and created the data base business in 1978.  At present the business is focused on the HIE information exchange area of Health IT.  It’s kind of interesting on how the article talks about his battles with Microsoft which were not over software at all, it was real estate.  For someone who got started early in the Health IT business the rewards are there and he generously gives back.  BD

Phillip Ragon, who goes by Terry, is the founder and sole owner of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based InterSystems Corp., the biggest provider of database management services in the health- care industry. With 80,000 customers and $385 million in annual revenue, closely held InterSystems is worth more than $2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

“InterSystems provides a very strong integration engine platformimage widely used in the health-care market space,” said Lynne Dunbrack, program director of connected health strategies at market research company IDC Health Insights, in a phone call from its Framingham, Massachusetts, headquarters. “Their customers continually praise them for their development team and their support staff.”

In 1994, Ragon acquired the health-care database division of struggling Digital Equipment Corp., a purchase that almost doubled annual sales to $33 million. In 2003, the company created an electronic health-record database for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, integrating 130 different platforms being used throughout the VA system.

The result was so successful for the VA that Ragon was called to testify before a Senate committee researching electronic health records in 2006.


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