This is great and there’s a lot that goes on at the imageLong Beach VA.  In the last couple of years I have had several conversations with patients who have received care here and in Los Angeles and it has been good, along with impressions from family members as well.  Again we know the VA had a great head start with medical records and now this research is also fascinating.  There’s more work of course needed here but the intent is to test the product with patients who have spinal cord injuries. When you look at what is being done with stem cells too, spinal cord injury treatments are really going to change in the future, all for the better for the patients. BD

Researchers at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California have built and tested the first prosthetic lower limb that can be controlled in real time by EEG (electroencephalogram) signals. 

An EEG signal is fed to brain-computer interface (BCI) computer, which then controls a robotic gait orthosis (RoGO), which stimulates leg muscles.

The experimental setup showed the subject suspended in the RoGO, while donning an EEG cap, surface EMG electrodes, and a gyroscope on the left leg. A monitor (not shown), placed in front of the subject at eye-level, presented instructional cues.


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