Well it hit a member of Congress which goes to show that allimage Congressmen are not rich, just one huge batch of them are.  The article states he was treated for bi-polar mental illness and shoot I think 3/4 of the folks in DC have some huge bi-polar tendencies, and whenever I see all the filibusters, that pops into my head.  The house is listed for $2.5 million so I assume it’s good sized house.  He hopes to return to work soon and perhaps he can make a case for medical bills when he returns to work on the problems and issues. 

We shall see if the rest welcome him back or what occurs when he returns as he certainly is the poster child in DC on healthcare right now.  BD 

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has listed his Dupont Circle home for sale, saying he needs the money to cover his medical bills.

“Like millions of Americans, Congressman Jackson and Mrs. Jackson are grappling with soaring healthcare costs and are selling their residence to help defray costs of their obligations,” Jackson’s chief of staff Rick Bryant said in a statement. “The Congressman would like to personally thank everyone who has offered prayers on behalf of his family.

Jackson recently took a leave of absence from Congress to get treatment at the Mayo Clinic for bipolar disorder. Though Jackson Jr. is reported to be back in D.C recovering at home, he has yet to return to work on the Hill.

“Jesse Jackson is seeking medical help for a mental illness and I hope that he comes back in full health and he’s been a very productive member of the Congress of the United States and I hope that he returns,” Hoyer said.



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