imageWe all know about collagen and how it goes away as we age and thus we get wrinkles, that lovely part of aging that nobody looks forward to.  Clinical trials are to begin in about a year to see if the new methodology with using stem cells from the patient’s blood will work.  There have been collagen face lift procedures that are a bit costly but according to this article they are older and further developed and the youthfulness of the blood cells should prove to be superior, but again until the trials are done we don’t know yet. 

New skin cells with grow as a result of the treatment and if successful it could be commercially available in as little as 3 years.  If that happens, the patient lines will form and you might find me in that line too:)  The company already has a line of stem cell products and research material they have developed as well as a stem cell storage company, Oristem.   BD 

Researchers believe they will spur the growth of new skin cells, called fibroblasts, which make the elastic ingredient collagen whichimage is produced in large quantities when we are young, but declines as we age.

The company Pharmacells, based in Glasgow, plan to begin clinical trials in 12 months, using stem cells harvested from a blood sample from the patients.

By using the body’s own cells, it is billed as a more ‘natural’ approach to reducing the signs of ageing than Botox, a chemical which freezes the facial muscles to smooth wrinkles.

They have licenced the technology to harvest a new type of stem cell – called a blastomere-like stem cell (CORR) – which is found circulating in the blood.

But Mr Haas said: ‘The stem cells in fat are more mature so the quality is not so good, and the numbers of them in it are much smaller, around five or 10 million.

‘We are talking about 500 million, very high quality, pure stem cells and there is definitely a link between dose and efficacy. The more you have, the better it should be.


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