I think this has been in the works and development for a while as imageback in the 2009 the company announced peer to peer sharing where providers could share records and I am guessing this was in the prior client/server version and of course since that time eClinicalWorks has their web based program so it makes sense to expand sharing even further.

eClinicalWorks Announces Peer to Peer Sharing Availability 4th Quarter

You can see from the image that there are over 10k physicians currently connected and as I understand here the new network will even enable doctors who are not user of the eClinicalWorks software also connect.  The network uses an open architecture built from the Direct or NHIN network.  That was one of the smartest standards  and sharing capabilities that has come along in a while.  You do not need the CONNECT protocol to connect to the NHIN and many have developed their own interfaces such as this one.  When you stop and think about it, what do we do today, email and the NHIN network with an interface handles it nicely.  Again the beauty of this is that any doctor can connect, regardless of whether they use eClinical or another medical records system.  BD

Hospitals and Providers Using NHIN (Nationwide Health Information Network) To Connect and Share Medical Records With the VA and DOD And Even With Each Other

imageHere’s a video that explains a little bit more on how it works. 

Even HealthVault set up for the Direct project back in February of 2009 and again there are many more that wrote their interface to the Direct program.  BD

HealthVault-Setting Up Consumer Email Address For Secure Messages Using Government Direct Project

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — eClinicalWorks®, a market leader in ambulatory clinical systems, today launches Join The Network™, an open means for health providers to access a secure peer-to-peer communications network. With 10,000 physicians already part of the network, eClinicalWorks is investing an additional $10 million over the next 12 months to further enhance and expand the network to ensure healthcare providers can connect with each other for patient care regardless of what electronic health records (EHR) system is in use or if the practice is using paper records.

This peer-to-peer network will support national standards or networks and will be Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Direct compatible, making interoperability affordable. Members that Join The Network are able to:

  • Easily find and connect with providers;
  • Send electronic referrals to other providers along with demographic and insurance information, saving time and reducing errors;
  • Transmit patient record with attachments, including progress notes, lab results, medical summary and patient scanned documents;
  • Automatically receive recommended providers within a 10 mile radius;
  • Find providers using a member-specified radius and specialty; and
  • Build personal address book.

This open network can be accessed via www.jointhenetwork.com or www.p2popen.co



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