imageThis is a PBS presentation and here’s the trailer. Below I have embedded the entire video which may or may not be available permanently. This is interesting as they are comparing Intermountain Healthcare with UCLA Medical Center here in Los Angeles. With a C-section Intermountain charges are around 20% while at UCLA it is around 45%. The video keeps going back and forth between the 2 facilities and talks about time spent, charges and so on. You hear the doctors talk about the end of life with families and how difficult it can be. 

Medical radiation is discussed and the potential of cancer as a result.  When is the right time to do an intervention?  What about false negatives and positives?  When you watch the entire video you see it’s still a “human” business and decisions are personal.  The second half discusses breast and prostate cancer interventions and it is actual footage of the doctors discussing treatments and test results with patients.  BD 

                                Money and Medicine Video Website. 

PBS Trailer (Full Video Below)

Money & Medicine examines the waste that pervades our health care system and puts a human face on the medical, ethical and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending.

As Congress continues its battle over the budget deficit, policy-makers are turning their attention to one of the largest driving forces behind the nation’s debt – government health care spending. The focus of the health care reform debate has shifted in recent years from access to cost, and recent studies suggest that a third of all health care expenditures are unnecessary.

Full Hour PBS Video:

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