Ok if you read around this blog often enough you know there’s tons of posts on PHRs and the Blue Button. I have personally helped a couple folks get their records with simply walking them through the process and basically if you can follow the prompts and instructions on screen, it’s not that hard. Members of Medicare can also get their records. I do have to say the link below is one of my favorites for making a case for the Blue Button as it happened at Walter Reed Hospital, but wait does that kind of stuff happen there with interruptions of service…yes, and it can happen anywhere so be prepared.  This veteran had his phone so no time lost here with the doctor and the patient, as the patient saved the day. 

A Strong Case for the Veterans Affairs “Blue Button”–Patient Access To Their Medical Records–Role Model Employee From the Navy Recounts His Experience At Walter Reed Hospital–We Need to Hear More Like This

I don’t know why but everyone seems to forget to tell Medicare patients they can do the same and some of the integration with outside vendors is not as complete as it is for veterans, but it’s there in a CCR, so go get it. 


Medicare.Gov Blue Button Download For Personal Health Record Information for Those Covered by Medicare

MyMedicalRecords.com, a sponsor of the Medical Quack, and you can see their information at the top of the page also integrates with the Blue Button and just recently announced their working association with the NFL to help get the word out on why you need a personal health record.

MMRGlobal Creates A Team of Former NFL Celebrities to Educate Consumers on the Benefits of Personal Health Records–Free Trial Offer For Those Signing Up With a Team Member At MyMedicalRecord.com

Finally…here’s the video….

This video explains how having electronic access to your health data can empower you with the information you need which can be lifesaving in an emergency situation and can ensure that everyone who is caring for you is on the same page.



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