The concept is quite simple at the gaming point of view where you try to make the protein fold in the best way possible with points being given for imagestability via hydrogen bonding, compacting, hydrophobic and hydrophilic positioning of lateral protein chains, etc. The “better” you fold your protein, the more points you  achieve.  The link below goes back to 2008 when the program started and was given a grant of $20 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation when it began.  So now Sepsis is being added to the protein folding game in the hopes to find better treatments and faster recognition processes as it moves quite fast is is basically your body and organs just shutting down due to infection.  I even had the chance on a Surface table to try out FoldIt just for fun without submitting any information with a practice run and yes that’s my hand in the image above.  

Fold It - A Game with a Serious Impact and We Can all contribute by "Folding Proteins" from our Home Computers...

Sepsis is a blood infection attacks over a million people a year and many die.  Quick recognition and treatment with antibiotics are key.  Vanderbilt University created a technology solution to identify and notify clinicians at the onset of Sepsis a few years ago and the software went on to be incorporated into Microsoft Healthcare solutions.  BD 

Here’s a flash back to the FoldIt Program as it began on how it works with some additional detailed information.  BD

The creators of mobile game Foldit are bringing scientists together to cure sepsis, also known as “blood poisoning.”

The condition causes one’s entire body to be inflamed as a result of an infection. It is the immune system’s response to bacteria in various tissues and fluids throughout the body. Sepsis occurs upwards of 100 million times a year and can be fatal.


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