You can watch the video but apparently this is the 3rd incident at this store in the last few months and I am guessing the location of the store might have something to do with this.  At any rate it could be something personal too with a gunman walking in and shooting the employee in the legs who is now in the hospital.  BD

D.C. police are trying to identify a man who walked into a Northeast Rite Aid pharmacy and shot an employee Sunday night without any provocation.

Investigators released a video Monday that shows a man wearing a surgical mask and a striped polo shirt walking into the store, located at 1401 Rhode Island Ave., just prior to the shooting at 9:25 p.m.

“We don’t know what the motive is at this point in time,” Metropolitan Police Department Cmdr. George Kucik said. “A subject walked inside the Rite Aid and without any provocation or really any demands he shot one of the employees.

Ms. Nalls said she went to the store Monday morning to talk to employees and was concerned that security guards were only posted at the store for a short time after the other incidents.

“This kind of working condition is not telling folks that they care about them,” she said of store management.


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