If you are bilingual with both Spanish and English and looking to enter nursing school, Mexico could be the next stop in California...hospitals are also kicking in some donations..cost will be about half of the training here in the US...read the entire article for all details...many items still unresolved...BD 

To accommodate larger enrollment, some nursing schools have added patient simulation labs such as this new center at Maric College in San Diego where Priscilla Ochoa (center) and Maria Javier-Garcia (right) practice CPR on a mannequin. With nursing schools in California falling several thousand graduates short of meeting demand each year, state labor officials are seeking help in an unlikely place. If all goes as planned, as many as 40 bilingual Californians now stuck on nursing school waiting lists will begin classes in January at a college in Guadalajara, Mexico apparently the first attempt by any state to outsource nursing education to another country. Program supporters say it's a reasonable way to train more Californians, especially those who can work in communities that need more Spanish-speaking health care workers.

The program, which could begin as soon as January, will be open to students who speak English and Spanish and are waiting to be admitted into a California nursing school program, said Leach, the workforce development agency's assistant secretary for policy and program development. It's also unclear how the students will be treated by California's nurse licensing board once they graduate.

“This illustrates very dramatically how underfunded California's nursing education system is,” she said. “We think it's a real shame that prospective RN's can't get educated in their own communities.”

Outsourcing education | The San Diego Union-Tribune


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