One MD's story on how he's turning around his practice to be "mobile" and it also helps keep folks out of the ER if the visit can be handled at home...and he's a coder...knows the medical codes to assist patients with reimbursement from insurance companies...he's there to do what he's supposed to do..take care of the patient.  As the world changes today, mobility is playing a huge role with with health care and having your information readily available will and does lead to better health care for all....I think the future will even have more "mobile docs" available as this type of practice will continue to grow...BD 

ASHEVILLE Dr. Allen Lalor rolls a small suitcase down his Fairview driveway and opens it to reveal the contents of his new mobile health care business. A plastic case is filled with pills for pain and nausea. Syringes and needles sit beside tongue depressors and a dosing chart for infants.  Along with a black computer bag, a white coat and his silver Mini Cooper, the emergency room doctor has all he needs to run Asheville Mobile Physicians, a service he started last month to treat minor medical problems in patients homes, hotel rooms and offices.

Lalor says the service is nothing more than an old-fashioned house call and gives him a break from the busy emergency room, where he worked the past 16 years.  “When we see behavior like this, it’s a canary in the coal mine event,” he said. “The burden of the health care system administration is stressing us all.”

"What really bothered me was businesspeople telling me how to practice medicine. I just said, ‘Enough is enough,’” Gray said. “I rebelled at all that and happened to see a niche up here to provide the same emergency room care without the confines of a hospital.”  Although he does not accept health insurance, Lalor will provide the codes patients need to file paperwork on their own. REVIVING HOUSE CALLS: Asheville doctor turns medical practice into mobile business


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