This is the "hard hat" area of the blog ....for the health care IT folks, so feel free to skip this one if you are not in IT as it will not make any sense...but for those readers who are in IT, take a look.  Roll out Linux, Windows, etc. on a pre-configured application.  Also some nice support for a couple open source CRM applications.  This would normally take a couple days or perhaps even a week to normally configure, but this could be a huge time saver.  image You will need VMWare, Parallels, or Microsoft Virtual Server software to get started....BD 

A JumpBox is a virtual appliance that bundles an entire server based application into a single pre-configured unit. With a JumpBox, you have quick and simple installation on a variety of virtualization platforms.

SAVE TIME – A JumpBox is the fastest way to get up and running with server-based applications. With JumpBox there is none of the “heavy-lifting” typically involved in manually installing server applications – saving you hours.

PREVENT HEADACHES – There are no scripts to run and no code to configure. All setup and administration is handled via a web interface.

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE – Stop spending your time with complicated set-ups, writing code, trying to understand an application’s underlying technology. JumpBoxes deliver applications that work immediately with none of these hassles.

STOP WORRYING – When you manually install server applications, you’re left with the responsibility of protecting the data. A JumpBox provides automated backup and maintenance functions.

LOWER IT COSTS – With JumpBox, deploying server-based software is fundamentally easier, allowing you to do more with fewer people and less money.

STREAMLINE OPERATIONS – A JumpBox is completely virtual, providing improved server efficiency, portability and resource isolation.

BE A HERO – Deploy great applications that help your company be more efficient and effective…and do it both faster and cheaper.

Benefits of Using JumpBox | JumpBox Inc.

Video sample on configuration


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