More information on what we used to call sleep walking...can be much more to it as this article states..sleep apnea..doing things while we sleep...BD

By day, Mike Doyle is a mild-mannered bank executive who lives with his wife in a suburb of Minneapolis. By night, he wanders the house in a deep slumber, acting out his strangest and wildest dreams.

"I ran down the hallway and jumped from the top step and landed somewhere near the bottom," Doyle said. "I got up and went back to bed and the following morning I didn't realize what I had done, until I sat down on the wooden chair in the kitchen. And I thought I was gonna die because of how bad it hurt to sit."

Doyle is among millions of Americans -- as many as 4 percent -- who suffer from parasomnias: unpleasant and unwanted behaviors during deep sleep. Schenck has catalogued a range of parasomnias in the documentary "Sleep Runners," including those who eat in their sleep."Someone with a parasomnia can commit an act of murder and have no idea what he or she is doing in the process, so on that basis, yes they should be considered innocent," Schenck said.

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ABC News: Night Horrors: The Perils of Parasomnias


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