Interesting and entertaining post about "man's flu"....although it could be just plain old IMS, irritable male syndrome....and yes IMS is real...added some links for additional information.  BD   

The problem with man flu is that it's so competitive," says my friend Jane. "It's apparently physically impossible for my husband to have simply got the same bug as me or the children. His is always 100 times worse. On the few occasions when I've had proper flu, I've still had to look after the children during the day and stagger to bed after they have. But when Ian's ill, we all know about it. He does this strange dying-cow groan.

Even men who should know better don't. "I've heard male doctors sneeze, then groan about being at death's door," says Carol Cooper, a London GP. "If a man does stoically soldier on, he'll definitely want you to appreciate just how brave he is. Maybe it's a need to be mothered again."

.....and subside on to the sofa emitting loud woe-is-me groans surrounded by an ever increasing mountain of balled-up tissues. And, of course, it's never a cold, it's flu. Man flu.

It's not a cold, it's man flu - Telegraph

More on IMS here:



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