Better than crash test dummies by all means....BD

J.B. may look like a crash-test mannequin, but he’s no dummy.
In many ways, he looks and acts like a living person: His eyes blink; his pupils dilate; his chest expands and contracts as he breathes; and if you place a stethoscope on the spot where his heart should be, you can hear it beating. 

He cries. He bleeds. He urinates.

J.B., who also can be fitted with female parts, is one of five full-size and very lifelike human-patient simulators (two adults, one child, a pregnant woman who gives birth and a baby) that practicing and future health care providers use to hone their skills at the John H. Ammon Education Center on Christiana Hospital’s main campus.


delawareonline ¦ The News Journal, Wilmington, Del. ¦ These dummies may save your life


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