Robbing Peter to pay Paul?  There actually is no pay for performance here, just a readjustment of payments..somebody in the game such as any game will have to lose...sad...looking forward to additional Medicare cuts doesn't make anyone's day...and what it everyone exceeded the guidelines and payment went beyond the 2 to 5 percent...where would we be then, would there be enough money?  BD

CMS on Monday proposed changes to the Medicare hospital payment system that would reduce payments by a flat rate to create an incentive payment pool for rewarding hospitals that meet quality-of-care thresholds. Under the proposal, which was outlined in a 104-page report to Congress, payments to all facilities would be cut by a flat 2% to 5% to fund the incentive pool for distribution to hospitals that show the most improvement or meet quality-of-care standards.

AHA Responds To Medicare Hospital Payment Change Proposal


  1. Medicare sure knows how to "rob", so that wont be hard. The health care industry is such a mess right now, there is nothing they can do to better it in the near future.. There are plenty of elderly people who are on fixed incomes and cant pay their increasing premiums.. All the while, the big companies sit back and collect their money, doing NOTHING! this is exactly why
    AARP has set up so that we can all sign a petition to make our voice heard. While your there you can also read updated news, watch videos, and even e-mail your congressman to let him know how you feel. I’m working to help AARP promote better Medicare because this is an important issue that isn't getting enough attention


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