The Medicare Rights Center filed suit in federal district court today, asking a judge to declare unlawful the Bush Administration's refusal to allow Medicare coverage of a broad range of medically necessary "off-label" drugs.
"Too many people are being forced to go without needed medications because of the Bush Administration's misreading of the Medicare Part D statute," said Robert M. Hayes, president of the Medicare Rights Center, a national consumer advocacy group. "The administration is defying the intent of Congress, and keeping people from the medicine they need by its refusal to allow coverage of prescriptions that patients' doctors insist are needed."

"Without coverage of off-label prescriptions," the suits alleges, "people face increased suffering. And Medicare often bears increased costs because of the need for more drastic care, such as emergency hospitalizations, that results when people do not receive the medicines that they need."

Medicare Rights Center (MRC) is the largest independent source of health care information and assistance in the United States for people with Medicare. Founded in 1989, MRC helps older adults and people with disabilities get good, affordable health care.

Federal Court Suit Filed To Lift Medicare Coverage Bar On Off-Label, "Medically Necessary" Drugs, USA

Medicare Rights Center


  1. Good to see people looking out for Seniors. But many Seniors and people on fixed incomes cant afford the increasing medicare premiums that continue to rise. These leave people without a lot of options while the insurance companies sit back and collect their money. Thats why
    AARP has set up so that we can sign a petition to make our voice heard. They also offer updated news, videos and the opportunity to e-mail your congressman to let him know how you feel. I’m working to help AARP promote better Medicare. This is an important issue in the US right now and we cant let it get any more out of hand than it already has.


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