More about SCHIP...and why we need it...even the 8 year old son is aware there is no money for broken arms...BD

AMERICAN dream scene: a gorgeous Southern California day. A car-free cul-de-sac on a hilltop overlooking a canyon. A boy and his father, shooting hoops.
But stark reality intruded for a brief moment last summer when 40-year-old Wes Wirkkala tripped, stumbled and almost fell. "Dad, what are you doing? Be careful!" his son Nicholas shouted. "We don't have health insurance."

At 8, Nicholas knows his family cannot risk any visits to the emergency room. He's been told a hundred times, as he dashes out the door with his skateboard, to be careful, to fall on his butt if he has to fall at all because there's no money for broken arms.

He has not been able to find what he believes the family needs -- coverage of major medical episodes as well as preventive care -- at a price they can afford. So they go without, and they worry and feel guilty.

Hard choices on healthcare - Los Angeles Times


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