Less exposure to health tissue and more focused on the areas needing therapy...BD

An applicator that helps deliver radiation therapy to the breast while sparing surrounding, healthy tissue produced promising results in an early clinical trial with patients, according to a recent study. Lumpectomy is a common breast conservation therapy that involves the surgical removal of cancerous tissue within the breast followed by radiation. Radiation treatment after a lumpectomy traditionally has involved irradiation of the entire breast with an external beam. Whole breast irradiation exposes more healthy tissue to potentially harmful radiation and involves five treatments a week over a six to seven week period.

The SAVI applicator from BioLucent of Aliso Viejo, Calif., is a single entry, multicatheter device that delivers radiation treatment inside the breast for patients with early-stage breast cancer. By delivering a more precisely targeted dose of radiation, SAVI treats the tissue surrounding the lumpectomy cavity while minimizing radiation dose to healthy tissue

Applicator Helps Deliver Direct Treatment


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