This is one for the Health Care IT Folks...John Halamka, CIO from Beth Israel was kind enough to the hospital continues with it's goal of transparency in the interest of better health care for all...if you are in healthcare IT, this article is well worth reading as well as visiting the entire site.  We have a link to his site under the Blog Roll section of this page..and the last line...seeking additional every IS/IT department does or should be doing today...BD

I'm often asked how about my budgets for hospital information systems. In the interest of transparency here it is, in narrative and spreadsheet form.

The most difficult variable to express when comparing institutions is the quality of information systems. Quality for IS comes through reliability, fast transaction speeds, application breadth and depth, and customer satisfaction.  I often say, providing Information Systems is a continuous journey, so we will continue to seek additional budgets to support ever evolving user requirements.

Life as a Healthcare CIO: The Cost of Information Technology


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