And she does not use a keyboard to enter her information.  Nice story from Tablet PC Buzz and they have included a video with additional details as well.  Healthcare is all about mobility...BD

Devmar Home Health is a nursing agency that provides in-home care for their clients. Several months ago, the nurses at Devmar made the leap from paper and pencil to Tablet PCs. They are using hardware from both Motion Computing and Tablet Kiosk to capture information and, via their software, submit it to the insurer. The nurses are only issued tablets, bump cases and broadband air cards - no keyboards. Everything they do is with the pen.

As part of our True Tablet Heroes series, I rode along with Denise as she visited a client. It was amazing to see how the tablet seamlessly integrated into her routine and how she used it as a tool like a blood pressure cuff or stethoscope.

I love how she says it took her ten to fifteen minutes to learn how to use the tablet after her three minute in service. I think this is just one more example of how software that is designed to take advantage of the pen capability of tablet PCs will be the most important factor that influences adoption of the platform.

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Via:  GottaBeMobile

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  1. Interesting article, you make some interesting points.

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  2. Well being a tablet pc fan myself and using one daily, I think this only serves to help the health care worker and the patient...


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