I know all of these programs are good, but do want to ask how many reminders and so on can one human sustain in a day?  How many devices does one need to have available...thus I go back to having all of this in one instrument...the phone.  BD  

InforMedix expects that the Med-ePhone system will provide a simple, inexpensive method for reminding users to take their medications regularly, and that the device will record and monitor patient medication adherence and health status over mobile phones and landlines. The Med-ePhone system is being designed to send patient- reported data to be analyzed by proprietary software algorithms already operational in InforMedix's Med-eXpert" System which will then alert loved ones and/or care managers when a patient's medications are missed or health declines. Once Med-ePhone users are linked into the system, they will receive up to three daily reminders. These reminders will be kept short and simple to encourage high levels of user satisfaction, and will include prompts to provide answers to simple health status queries. Six of InforMedix's issued patents disclose the use of voice technologies to improve patient medication adherence.

InforMedix Rings Up Med-ePhone - Mobile, Wireless Patient Medication Adherence Solution


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