And these folks rate physicians?  Let's have the physicians rate the insurance companies...audit trails shows the page was viewed 157 times...157 opportunities for security breach story of the week....wonder why we don't trust the insurers today...BD 

United Healthcare uploaded the social security numbers of doctors at Columbia University's faculty practice on a public Web site by mistake.

United Healthcare posted the social security numbers of doctors at Columbia University’s faculty practice on a public Web site in a breach of security that exposed the doctors to identity theft.
The sensitive information was loaded on Oct. 31 and taken down Nov. 2.
United posted the taxpayer identification numbers, some of which were Social Security numbers, alongside the names of 993 providers at Columbia who participate in the insurer’s network. The list was supposed to be accessible to Columbia employees during the current open enrollment period.

A spokeswoman for the university said that although only a small subset of the FPO’s doctors had their SS numbers publicly displayed, the breach was “very serious” and has made the doctors unhappy.

Insurer inadvertently posted physician SSNs- Crain's New York


  1. Sack that CEO. Then once he gets depressed, Make him see a Psychiatrist. Make him get a prior authorization to see the psychiatrist. Get a phone system at his insurance company which beats the amazing maze. Make him hold for 45 minutes to get that prior authorization. Get a counsellor and if the counsellor thinks a psychiatrist is needed, make him wait for 2 mths to get one, cover that at 100% copay. Make him get a generic medicine per their guidelines.............
    Meanwhile choose a new CEO for 200 million annual salary, mandatory company limo for daily travel and his family, compulsory 2 weeks vacation in Aruba every 6 mths.......

  2. See these websites to check the salary of CEOS and VPs:

  3. Yes we all pay and pay and those at the top just seem to get a slap on the hands...have to feel for the doctors on this one. Security breaches are a dangerous thing anywhere, especially in health care.


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