As the article states...start with generics from the beginning if possible...ask your doctor and shop at the retailers that offer $4.0 or discounted prescription charges...we have links on this site to help...BD 

When patients hit the donut hole, all sorts of bad things can happen. First, switching to generics introduces the risk of new or worse side effects. But some patients—according to a recent AARP study, about 15%—stop taking their prescriptions altogether, or else they rack up huge credit card debts to continue paying for the drugs.

Sometimes a patient can score free samples of the drugs he's taking, but unfortunately the value of these "free" drugs won't count toward his annual overall expenditure, so the patient remains stuck in the donut hole, and has to start paying against it again once the Free Drug Train leaves the station.

Medicine: How To Avoid The Medicare Donut Hole


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