Trucks and then there are more trucks...mobility is not only with computers and mobile phones today...we have all seen the mobile MRI enter the bone density truck...BD

GE® Lunar has partnered with Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC. to provide you premium mobile solutions that support and compliment your GE® Lunar Prodigy™ DXA.  GE® Healthcare Technologies - Lunar receives FDA approval for Prodigy™ mobile mount system.  This uniquely-designed system utilizes state-of-the-art isolation technology to shield the Prodigy™ scanner from road vibration, greatly improving reliability.  The system also provides easy to use lock down mechanisms to keep the scanner arm stationary during transit.


Prodigy’s direct digital technology eliminates the magnification effects of traditional wide-angle fan beam densitometers. With more than 6,000 systems installed worldwide, Prodigy is trusted fan beam densitometers

Mobile Prodigy "Aero" Details

Hat Tip:  Medgadget


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