Another way for trauma doctors to boost their income but perhaps not for all physicians...good work in saving the lives of officers too...having a doc along can mean the difference between life and death when an officer is down...BD

Dr. Alex Eastman doesn't lack for excitement in his life. He is a surgeon at Parkland Memorial Hospital, imagethe busiest trauma center in Dallas, meeting the ambulances that carry human bodies wrecked by car accidents, gunshots and the violence of a big city.

There is a growing trend among the country's SWAT teams -- not just in Dallas -- to add doctors to provide immediate lifesaving treatment on the scene. Far from the controlled environment of hospitals, these doctors learn to work on trauma victims even as they take fire.

Within minutes of hearing "officer down!" Eastman and his partner, Dr. Jeff Metzger, went to work. Metzger held the officer's head while Eastmen performed an emergency tracheotomy, cutting a hole in the officer's neck to allow him to breathe. "That person would have never made it to the hospital," Eastman said. "They would have died right then and there." Half the week he exchanges his hospital scrubs for a bulletproof vest and heads out with the Dallas SWAT team.

ABC News: Doctor in Bulletproof Vest Saves Cop


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