Visit the link to Medgadet for additional information as well....I did sign up for an account...there are some nice features on the portal, such as HIPAA email, and a fairly easy way to refer patients to other physicians..there are several "how to" videos to help you get started...also there are some CME resources and everything is pretty much free.  Nurses, patients, doctors, etc. can all communicate via the portal once you have either joined or added folks to your group.  Will be interesting to see how this one stacks up to a couple of the other portals on the web...BD 

The welcome to iMedicor group is designed for you to have a forum to ask any type of question regarding image iMedicor. If you have any issues using the functionality you may either enter a question in the forum below or call the support line listed to the right. We encourage all users to communicate with others through the forums section. This area gives you the ability to voice thoughts and opinions on both healthcare and social issues. There are categories for specialty, primary care, healthcare legislative and healthcare information topics.

To create your referral and information exchange network you will first need to invite others in.. Although there are many users in iMedicor, they will not be able to communicate with you unless you invite and confirm one another. You can invite colleagues by clicking on the invite colleagues icon at the top of the screen. You will be able to invite other users of iMedicor and non-users through email and fax invitations. Email is effective, but some invites go to spam boxes so we recommend sending them by fax as well.


HIPAA Compliant Tools for Medical Practices - iMedicor

Hat Tip and more information:  Medgadget


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