Can it get any closer to home...employees inside the Senate...BD 

When senators debate health care, they usually speak in abstract terms about soaring health costs and the plight of the uninsured.  But just 20 feet from the Senate chamber is a young man who knows those problems all too well from personal experience. The man, Sergio A. Olaya, runs the Capitol elevators on which the senators ride. Whenever the Senate is in session, he is on duty.

A local hospital and its collection agency have been hounding him in an effort to collect from his mother’s estate, Mr. Olaya said. To pay the bills, he is selling the Maryland home where he lived with his mother, Clara Ines Olaya, 61.

“I wonder how many senators have been in the elevator with Sergio, talked to him, shared a smile with him, but had no idea of the terrible burden he and his mother were carrying,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Senate Democratic whip, who learned of Mr. Olaya’s problems from an aide.

Just Off Insular Senate Floor, Life of the Uninsured Intrudes - New York Times


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