We keep seeing stories like this...every doctor today can have FREE E-Prescribing and we have a permanent link on this page to where a physician can get set up if they currently do not have an electronic medical record system that has this included?  My question here is why?  Why to physicians resist this "FREE" service?  Scroll down on the right hand side of this blog and read about NEPSI....one more time...it is free at no cost to the MD....BD 

A doctor's poor penmanship may soon be a thing of the past. Today in a report on medication errors, the prestigious Institute of Medicine called on physicians to electronically prescribe drugs by the year 2010. While illegible prescriptions are one contributing factor to the 1.5 million people harmed each year by medication errors, they are not the only culprit.

The report also recommends that doctors' offices and hospitals use electronic prescribing tools in an effort to prevent errors. Not only do the computer programs eliminate the problem of difficult-to-read penmanship, but they also prevent doctors from prescribing medications that interact badly with each other. "There are too many drug interactions to remember," said Dr. David Bates, an internist at Harvard Medical School and a researcher in drug safety.

ABC News: From Poor Penmanship to Bad Communication: Many Opportunities for Medication Mishaps

National E-Prescribing Initiative  (It is free) 


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