Free technology can help here too...take a look at what you can do for free from Microsoft...and a Google toolbar add on will translate for you as well...I have and do use both of these..and if you use MS Office,  (not free) you can also easily translate documents...use this one too...and available for most version of MS Office...BD 

The state Legislature decided four years ago that the estimated 1.1 million patients in California who pay for private health insurance but speak little or no English should receive services such as language interpreters and translated materials from their insurance providers. Lawmakers set a deadline of mid-2008 for providers to submit a compliance plan to state regulators, with fines for noncompliance scheduled to begin in 2009.

Health officials said they could not provide examples of any fatalities tied directly to the existing conditions. The problems generally result in stressful, embarrassing, confusing moments that come at times when people already are at their least comfortable.

Language gaps hinder doctor-patient relationships - Los Angeles Times


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