Patients who cannot move their arms can switch on the TV set with a control attached to their forehead.  Now this is really cool...all I have to do is twitch my forehead or blow through a plastic straw!  Streaming videos...all on the network with it's own IP address...doesn't get much better than this...BD  

Use of technology for immobilized patients at Metro Health is giving them a measure of control they can't  otherwise experience. To qualify for the 43-bed specialty care Michigan Assisted Breathing Center at Grand Rapids-based Metro, patients breathe with the help of machines at least six hours each day, and some of them use ventilators round the clock. "The average length of stay is about seven months," said Cheryl Kruithoff, nurse practitioner in the center. "Some do need high-level care, and they stay longer than several months. It can be a year or two, maybe longer if they need that care and they're still on a ventilator.

Custom TV helps I.T. company change channels - Business Review Western Michigan -


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