Good comments and article as always from the wisdom of Dr Crounse...I agree that data input is a big final frontier and there are electronic tools that can make it a lot easier.  BD

"I've called "data input" the final frontier in clinical computing.  In fact, data input has been a frequent topic on HealthBlog these past few years.  If you want to see for yourself, just type in "data input" in the handy search box on the upper right-hand corner of my Blog.  Up will come entries about Tablet PCs, voice recognition, digital inking, surface computing and more..... "

"From the perspective of a typical clinician, data input is often cited as the one barrier holding us back from realizing the full potential of IT in healthcare.  Patient care is data intensive, and entering all that data into a computer remains a challenge for most doctors (and nurses) particularly when they compare it to the ease and speed of old fashioned dictation/transcription."image

HealthBlog : Data input: Still a final frontier in clinical computing but progress is being made

House Calls at Microsoft from Dr. Crounse

Nice demonstration with InkSeine which we are all waiting for...more nice features for the this site for some earlier You Tube videos as well. 

Watch the latest video on new technology in the process


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