Reminds me of the old commercial asking if "Mikey likes it"....we look to polls for just about everything these days and I guess food will be no different....could also hurt the vendor though if their ratings go down when it comes to shelf space..BD 

OK, I admit it. There are really two questions about food. Regarding the first -- "Does it taste good?" --

Food Lable

you're on your own. Taste, after all, is a matter of -- well, taste.

Regarding the second -- "Is it good for me?" -- I can help. How a food affects your health is a matter of science.


A new nutritional labeling system that rates foods on a 1 to 100 scale will be showing up on many grocery shelves in 2008. (ABC News Photo Illustration)

ABC News: Will New Nutrition Labels Help Us Eat Healthier?


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