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A bionic hand that restores the sense of touch to amputees could soon be developed thanks to new research that has enabled two patients to feel sensations, new research shows.

Claudia Mitchell, 27, a former U.S. Marine who lost her left arm at the shoulder in a motorcycle accident three years ago, and Jesse Sullivan, 60, who lost both arms to electrical burns, were both fitted with prosthesis by Dr. Todd Kuiken of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

In fitting their prosthetic arms, Kuiken used a new surgical technique that rerouted the nerves from their injured arms to the skin on the chest.  “I just think about moving my hand and elbow, and they move. I think, ‘I want my hand open’ and it happens. My original prosthesis wasn’t worth wearing – this one is.”

Thanks to the surgery, the two now can sense pressure, temperature and pain as if their missing hands were still present, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  We have provided evidence that amputated-hand nerves can establish a cutaneous expression of sensation, referred to the missing limb, in foreign skin,” Kuiken said. - Scientist: Surgery Restores Sense of Touch in Two Amputees - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News


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