Hospital paid back 15 million dollars...and he got a piece of the settlement...3 million....become a millionaire for being a whistle blower at the hospital....nice payout...but what happens if the hospital has no money?  If this were happening at a smaller community hospital without funds...what would happen then....I guess you need to be a practicing whistle blower at at hospital that has money...BD 

McCaslin caught the hospital billing Medicare for accident victims, even if the patient had private insurance that was supposed to pay. The hospital also billed Medicare for prisoners, even though by law, they're not covered.

When McCaslin alerted his bosses, he was surprised to discover they were in on it.  He helped the Justice Department build a fraud case that ended with the Houston Hospital District giving taxpayers a giant refund.image

The government started a pilot program and sent private auditors to comb through hospital bills in three states (California, Florida and New York), looking for Medicare rip-offs.

Meet Medicare Fraud's Whistleblower, Hospitals Across The Nation Are Sending Medicare Fraudulent Charges - CBS News


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