This is the old Irvine Regional Hospital once owned by Tenet that closed down in January of 2009, basically due to the fact that the new Kaiser Permanente facility imageopened one exit down the freeway and that’s where the patients went.  When the Irvine facility closed when Tenet did not renew the lease, many doctors and nurses were out looking for work. 

The Kaiser facility/hospital is not licensed to perform interventional care for heart attack victims so the availability at the new Hoag facility is a warm welcome in that area.  At the end of last year the hospital went hi tech with their tracking system for the emergency room.  In addition the hospital uses tablet pcs with mammograms for patients to fill in the information.  The new facility has 11 operating rooms and 154 beds and has telemetry/cardiac monitoring system in place. 

Hoag Hospital Installs Hi-Tech Emergency Room Patient Tracking System – Orange County

September 1st is the opening day and an open house was held this last weekend for all to view.  Hoag I see has also finally entered the Twitter Era too

The main hospital is nothing to sneeze at either with each room having an ocean view and it has been there for many years in Newport Beach and they are pretty much the Cedar Sinai of Orange County.  BD 

Hoag Irvine

When Irvine Regional Hospital closed its doors in January 2009, officialsimage with new owner Hoag promised it would reopen no later than 2011 following an extensive renovation.

Hoag will meet its self-imposed deadline, and then some. Hoag Hospital Irvine will reopen on Sept. 1st as an acute care general hospital with 154 beds and a fully staffed emergency room. The public is invited to tour the new hospital on Saturday during a community celebration and open house.

Kaiser Permanente Orange County-Irvine Medical Center, across the street from the old Irvine Regional, absorbed some of the burden in its emergency room, but the hospital charged non-members' insurance providers out-of-pocket fees for treatment.

Affiliated clinics can be found at the links below: 

Get a sneak peek at O.C.'s newest hospital | hospital, irvine, new - News - The Orange County Register


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